Union Update


Brothers and Sisters:

There are several things going on both politically and around our workplace. The subcontracting of the paratransit services is still an issue that is hanging out there as AATA still does not have a contract with Select Ride. A 25% savings still has to be met, per the contract, and it is still an issue we are dealing with. Management is struggling to come up with a budget that will put the company on the plus side and erase the current deficit. I would like to see everyone trying to do the best job possible so that we can see a lot more positive comments coming in from the public and not so many negative ones.

There are some blank forms in the shop that all Union members are encouraged to fill out and turn in if you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or complaints. There is a box in the garage that you can put these sheets in when you come in at the end of the day or before you start your shift in the morning. This box in the garage is for convenience. You may also give them to any Executive Board Member at any time. The box will be checked daily and if you write your name on the sheet and request a response one will definitely be given to you.

The 4th of July falls on a Monday this year and the decision was made to not have a picnic. This way the majority of you could enjoy your three-day weekend. Also, attendance is generally significantly lower when we have our picnic on a Friday or a Monday of a three-day weekend. We are currently investigating the cost of having a day at Rolling Hills Water Park for Union members and their families. We will inform you if we can find a suitable day for this to happen and if the membership will approve the cost of an event such as this.

Until our next update, stay healthy, active in your Union, and prosperous in your activities.

In solidarity,
 Delisa Brown